Dec 1, 2012

                                                        december 2012...

Oct 4, 2012


My husband is very strong :)

Sep 2, 2012

Aug 31, 2012

Aug 29, 2012

a new passion flower is being born :)

Aug 26, 2012

Aug 23, 2012

Aug 17, 2012


After 3 days away, my computer has gotten rid of dust, removed unnecessary programs - and got hooked on the sound after more than 1 year without :)

I'm mighty happy about these changes - less having to reinstall for me important programs that disappeared at the same time. My nerves were repeatedly stretched to breaking point, so good to have a little "sedate", walnut aquavit. This was started last year:-D

Aug 11, 2012

Aug 9, 2012

Aug 6, 2012


...end ikke en spændende kriminalroman kan altid holde én vågen!

Klik her for at se andres bidrag til Mandagstema, som i øvrigt fejrer 1 års jubilæum, og det med en fin præmie. Tillykke Helene og tak for mange hyggestunder :) thrilling detective novel can't always keep you awake!

Aug 2, 2012

HIMMELSK # 96...

Sunshine rain - just 2 minutes - and then all clouds disappeared again. Few drops of rain "managed" to hit one of my house-windows to the west, and I photographed my view :)

Corn on the field will soon be harvested!!

Visit Himmelsk to se other participants on Petunias  nordic "Skywatch Friday".

Jul 26, 2012

After several weeks of rain, the sun has been hot the past 6 days, and the umbrellas are therefore used as parasols now  :)

Jul 22, 2012

I can guarantee that the jazz was totally in top at the square in Maribo Saturday, when the Danish band "Doc Houlind All Stars" appeared together with Deborah Herbert from the U.S.A. 
Maribo Jazz 2012

Jul 21, 2012

Maribo Jazz 2012 was officially opened yesterday by the chairman Ole Brorsen. This year is the 25th, and the music program is filled with attractions until Sunday evening. Maribo Jazz expecting a visit from 4000 music happy people. And the sun will shine :)

Jul 16, 2012

It may be boring to stand on a shelf, or...

Jul 15, 2012

 You must pass the three hippos to reach the large play area behind the yellow wall!

Jul 14, 2012

...fountain in Knuthenborg Safaripark!

Jul 12, 2012

the flying time has ended...

Jul 4, 2012


Jun 30, 2012

pastry bun...

Jun 22, 2012

Jun 20, 2012

my dog, Frederik, had a thoughtful moment...

Jun 18, 2012


Mandagstema er i denne uge fjer/fjær/feathers. Jeg nøjes med at vise en enkelt fjer, men det er vel i orden? Ellers må du drikke dig en fjer på i alkohol, så at du kommer til at se dobbelt :)
Klik her for at se andres bud på Helenes tema!

Jun 16, 2012

Jun 10, 2012

Jun 2, 2012

May 31, 2012

May 30, 2012

May 29, 2012

May 20, 2012